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Controller is an easy-to-use database program (written in MS Access®) that uses an extract of loans, deposit, and customer information files from your core system.  Controller produces new and total loan and deposit reports to give you weighted average yields and cost of funds, all of the reports in Controller are exported to your Chairman and Strategy files.  The Controller files are automatically imported to Chairman and Strategy so there is no manual entry, allowing you to analyze your numbers and not having to manually enter the data.  Controller’s decision-making tools help you understand and analyze your loans, deposits, and customers.

Loan analysis by loan officer and branch for both new loan production and delinquency is an important part of Controller.  Loan production may be printed or exported to Excel by an individual officer or branch for incentive programs or audits.  

All reports may be exported for further analysis or mail merges for marketing, auditors, or external programs such as ALM applications.

Controller is also an excellent audit tool, it is designed to find anomalies in your core system.  You will be able to spot rate, date, and type coding errors. The program has a built-in random sampling for internal and external auditors.


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